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Overview about the event

ifmsa's 61st general assembly - august meeting 2012


Message from the Program Director

Namaste IFMSAians!! 

In India, when we greet one another, we fold our hands in 'Namaste' because we believe that God resides in the heart of every human being. Allow me to say a few words about India. We come from a nation, where we allow lady of Catholic origin, to step aside for a Sikh to be sworn as a Prime Minister by a Muslim President to govern a country of at least 80% Hindus and we are also known as the largest English speaking country. It also may interest you to know that, India has the 3rd largest population of Medical Doctors, Engineers & Scientist in the world. Even then, we in India, still fold our hands in humility before you as we believe there is no one above & below us with that let me welcome you to the Official Webpage for AM 2012 India.

March 6th, 2012; MM 2012 Ghana witnessed one of the greatest milestones for The Medical Students' Association of India becoming the 100th NMO of IFMSA. We in India believe that 'You are never too old or too young to set another goal or to dream a new dream' hence 'sky is the limit' for us. The idea of hosting the AM 2012 crept in & today words cannot describe how I feel that MSAI has decided to host the AM 2012 in Mumbai, India. This decision may have surprised many but we have made the announcement after extensive research & discussions. With less than 5 months in hand, MSAI is working 24/7 to plan the whole event and I'm very proud to state that India ready to host the event.
Mumbai being the hosting city for IFMSA's 61st GA - AM 2012 India is, known as the commercial capital of India. Before 1996, Mumbai was known as ‘Bombay. Its original name ‘Bombay’ emerged from the Portugal term ‘Bom Bahai’ meaning good bay/harbour. It is also known as Manchester of India. With the opening up of the Suez Canal in 1869 the city's future as India's primary port, was assured. Now, it is the second biggest city in the world.
Don Marquis once said 'an optimist is a guy that has never had much experience', having said that, even though IFMSA India have very limited experience in hosting a GA, we nevertheless are very optimistic and we believe that we could deliver AM 2012 India in a very sleek & elegant way that will definitely bring lovely memories once you've back home.

With the preparations to host IFMSA's 61st GA - AM 2012 India is in full swing, we hope that we have your continous support to make this event a successful one.  On a final note, we promise that AM 2012 India will be a pleasant & elegant GA with the Indian experience blended. Lastly, as the saying goes 'Athiti Devo Bhava' which simply means 'Guest is God', we would like to welcome all of you to the Republic of India for AM 2012 India - The Indian Experience. 

Pratap Naidu A
Program Director - AM 2012 India 



Renaissance Convention Center Hotel, Mumbai (www.renaissancemumbai.com


Pre General Assembly  : 5th - 8th August, 2012

General Assembly  : 9th - 15th August, 2012

Post General Assembly  : 15th - 19th August 2012


Early Registrations(6) : 1st - 31st May 2012

Late Registrations (10)  : 1st - 30th June 2012 

Registration Database Link

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Theme - AM 2012 India 

Universal Health Care - The Time is Now!!

Universal health care - sometimes referred to as universal health coverage, universal coverage, universal care or social health protection - describes health care systems organized around providing a specified package of benefit to all members of a society with the end goal of providing financial risk protection, improved access to health services, and improved health outcomes. 

Account Details

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Other Details 

Official Travel Airlines Partner - Yatra.com

 As an official partner, Yatra is dedicated in making the AM 2012 India a successful program and Yatra have created a designated email ID: am2012india@yatra.com where delegates from any country wanting to fly with any airlines to Mumbai, India will be availing amazing airfare deals.

Delegates (single/group bookings) just need to provide the following details to book their flight tickets & the CSR will be responding to the query within 24 hours.

please sign up using this form


 Executive Organizing Committee 
AM 2012 India 


Dr Arjun Balaji

Program Director
Pratap Naidu A
+91 9096150055

Vice Program Director
Sushmitha Kothapalli
+91 9665385501

Venue Director
Abhijeet Sharma

Logistics Director
Moturu Dharanindra

Finance Director
Pooja Chauhan 

 Secretary (Database)
Esha Gupta

Registrations & Hospitality
Anjali Reddy & John Carvalho

Marketing Director
Suranjana Basak

IT & Support

Jatin Malhotra 

Theme Director
Raviteja & Vivek Joseph

Food & Beverage
Niharika Pant & Aparna Setia

Medical Emergency

Manthan Mehta

Special Officers
Rachna Shanbhag (Resource)
Dr Rohan Patil (Protocols)
Dr Girish Ingle (VIP)





Are you ready ?!

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